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Instago is the easiest way to explore photos at any location on your iOS device! Discover and explore new places around the world today. Available exclusively on the Apple App Store.

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Instago was created as a sole venture by mobile entrepreneur, Nathan Mock. This is his debut release to the Apple App Store. His mission is to change the world through delightful software.

Instago was built with a lean philosophy in mind: design, code, and business aspects were covered under one roof.

Nathan Mock

CEO http://nathanmock.com


Home Screen
Location Result (Times Square)
Location Result (Yellowstone National Park)
Location Result (Stonehenge)
Location Result (Facebook HQ)
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Location Details (Hollywood Bowl)
Location Details (Hollywood Bowl)


Version 1.0

Released on November 27, 2012
  • NewInitial release for iOS

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Press Release

How Instago Is Building What Color Was Meant To Be Without $41 Million
Color tried owning the hyper-local photo application scene, but with $41 million in funding, they fell short and are shutting down at the end of this year. Instago is a mobile application whose mission is to foster the discovery and exploration of locations around the world in realtime. One of the issues with current photo networks is a lack of tools based on discovery or in less established networks, a lack of content. We plan on differentiating ourselves by providing a layer built on top of Instagram and Foursquare's networks, thereby allowing our users to easily explore nearby photos and at other venues worldwide. On day one, our users will have access to over a billion photos at relevant locations.

The premise of Instago is simple. When an user starts up the application, they can start by exploring a feed of a generated montage of photos at selected locations and "visit" any place that piques their interest. Additional tools are provided to help users discover photos taken at places nearby, popular places nearby or places they have been. If the user wishes to explore additional places, they can use the search tool to find places globally, nearby, or constrained to a specified location. Future versions of Instago plan to provide explicit event coverage, more tools and feeds focused on discovery, deeper third party network integration, iPad support, and other additional refinements and features.

About Instago
Instago was conceived and built by 23 year old mobile entrepreneur, Nathan Mock. He has previously been involved in the creation of several other social networks while studying computer science at California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo, California. To download the app, visit our website at www.instagoapp.com, for updates follow @instagoapp on Twitter, and for other inquiries, contact us by email at info@instagoapp.com.


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